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The new type embedded controller simplified design USB connection
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  USB has become the interface of choice for countless embedded application, however, from a development perspective, the firmware USB still need quite a lot of professional knowledge and the complex protocol development effort, markets need a faster, more economic way in its application to add the USB connection.

  Recently Silicon Labs (core) launched USBXpress bridge device series products the latest member of the CP2102N USB bridge in these areas to realize the new breakthrough. It not only has smaller size, lower power consumption, also eliminates the complicated and time-consuming firmware development, enable developers to more simple and rapid method in a new or increase the original embedded in the design of universal serial bus (USB) connection.

  Silicon Labs high integration CP2102N USB - to - UART bridge for USB is added in the new design provides a simple, direct replacement of solution, and also to the number of devices with minimal area of existing RS - 232 and PCB design to upgrade to the USB. Silicon Labs is certainly architecture eliminates the expensive piece of crystal and reducing resistance and other devices, Silicon Labs fixed function of bridge in single chip solution integrated with USB 2.0 controller and UART interface at full speed, greatly reduces the limited space of the application of material list (BOM) costs.

  CP2102N bridge is Silicon Labs, one of the lowest power consumption USB connection solutions provide < the low working current of 10 ma, which is sensitive to power consumption application extend battery life. Integration of remote sensei, USB battery testing and other advanced features allow host device itself to awaken, and detect the charger is connected to the system type, further reducing the BOM cost.

  CP2102N bridge without professional knowledge or USB agreement time-consuming firmware and driver development, this enables developers to put more time and resources to focus on their terminal application design. CP2102N with Silicon Labs existing CP210x USB device pin and software compatibility, so the customer can easily migrate to the latest USB - to - UART bridge technology. Very suitable for the fixed function devices need with minimal development effort to realize the embedded design of USB connection, or need from the traditional serial interface (such as UART) to upgrade to the various applications of USB.

  Silicon Labs MCU product marketing director Tom Pannell said: "Silicon Labs latest USBXpress bridge device is added in the new design of embedded USB or upgrade existing design to USB provides a high level of integration, turnkey solutions, especially suitable for the limited space, power consumption and battery life of portable applications."

  In addition, the latest release of Simplicity Studio development environment with built-in support for the USBXpress bridge device development, this greatly simplifies the USB connection is added in the embedded application development process. Easy to use, based on the GUI Xpress Configurator tool, developers can use it to rapid configuration and programming of the USB - to - UART parameters, generate the custom, factory can also use it to produce. In order to further speed up development, Silicon Labs also provides support CP2102N USB bridge CP2102N - EK assessment development suite, including the integration is used to configure the debugger, and easy to access GPIO and UART connection plug, battery charger test pins and remote wake up button.

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